When I try to edit a region of my page, the cursor turns into a circle with a slash through it which prevents me from editing that region — how can I edit this area?

This is because you are using FrontPage 2003, Expression Web, or Dreamweaver,  and the page you are editing is attached to a DWT (Dynamic Web Template).

The use of DWT technology allows you to have a common template or layout which a number of pages use. Update that one layout, and all pages attached to that DWT will change accordingly.

Look within the “Templates” folder inside your website template and identify the .dwt file that is attached to your page.

If you do not know which .dwt is attached to your page, open up the page that you are trying to edit, switch to CODE/HTML view and scroll to the top of the code.. look for a line that looks like:

#BeginTemplate “Templates/template.dwt”

This will tell you which DWT (master layout) you will need to edit.

What is a Website Template?

Website Templates are pre-designed layouts that allow all FrontPage, Expression Web, and Dreamweaver users, from beginners to experts, to build entire websites faster and easier. Just add your text and images, and your new site  is ready to go.

Can you insert my own graphic logo rather than use the default “text” logo?

Provided we do not have to do too much tweaking or cleaning up, and provided the shape of the logo lends itself to insertion in this template, we will put it in at no charge.

Ideally, it should be a layered PSD or PNG format with a transparent background.  It should be as large as possible, and should have approximately the same height/width aspect ratio as the generic text logo on our demo web.

If it turns out that it takes longer than 15 minutes to insert your graphic logo, there may be a nominal charge to compensate for our time — this can run around $25.