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Easily password protect your website using Access Control

In our second video in our series of “live” Facebook video casts, I talk about the core features of the Access Control website plugin.

In my video below, towards the end, I talk about a somewhat secret power feature that most users of the Access Control plugin don’t know about.  Be sure to stick around for that little nugget!

Password Protect Website Pages

To sum up the the plugin, with the Access Control website enhancement, you can easily password protect website pages and documents.  Often you will have content that you only want shown to a certain segment of your visitors or members — for those times, you’re going to need this website plugin.

After logging in to the admin dashboard, you can password protect website pages and files in just two clicks.  Granting access in another three.  It’s probably one of our easiest, but most powerful plugins that can be put to work in just a couple of minutes.

Loosely based upon a “membership” concept, the plugin comes bundled with the ability to create account groups, and display registration (optional) and login boxes.

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We’ll be doing additional videos about each of our website plugins, showcasing the core features of each, as the weeks go on.