Easily Score 95% on Google PageSpeed for Web Template

How to easily get a 95% score on Google PageSpeed with a Web Template

One of the best parts of using a web template to build your website, is that you get to see, in your chosen development environment (Dreamweaver, Expression Web, etc) how your page is laid out.

Modern day editors have a visual design mode that allows you to place your cursor in a given area, and make changes to your content.

And it’s awesome.

Unfortunately, not if you’re trying to score well with Google PageSpeed.  Bummer.

You see, where having those stylesheet references loaded in the page in the traditional manner, by placing the stylesheet links within the “head” of your page, helps you in design view, it causes the page to load slower than if the page were optimized for Google PageSpeed.

It is because when the stylesheets are loaded in the traditional method, they are considered “render blocking resources”.  This means that the page itself cannot begin rendering until all of the stylesheet references are loaded.

Unfortunately, when you turn those stylesheet references into “asynchronous” loads (in other words, not render-blocking), by using the loadCSS technique that many websites use today, you lose all ability to effectively manage your website through your website editor.

Argh!  Can’t we have our cake and eat it too?

Yes!  Yes we can!

You see, there is a way to optimize your site for Google PageSpeed, and not affect your ability to manage your website.

It’s called Accelerator.

Accelerator is an incredible website plugin that you install to your website that automatically, on-the-fly, optimizes your web pages for Google PageSpeed.  All without affecting your saved pages or those stored on the web server.

It’s so good that it can be set up and running in minutes.  Once installed, your ENTIRE site is immediately optimized (pages, stylesheets, javascript files, images) for Google PageSpeed.  It can take a site that averages 35% and rocket it to 95% (or better!) in under a half an hour!

Pretty.  Freaking.  Awesome.