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Customer Spotlight – Superior Lighthouse

Once in a while we get the pleasure of working with a web developer who is as passionate and inspired about the usability of their client’s websites as we are.

In third quarter of 2014, Roger Peck of Superior Lighthouse, a web marketing firm based on the shores of Lake Superior in Wisconsin, found his way to i3dTHEMES in search of a solution for his hundreds of clients who needed to go mobile responsive.

Previously, for ten years, Roger had worked with Ron Worth at Catdoor websites, which was a custom built CM, to create hundreds of websites for his clients.  There came a time, though, that Ron decided to retire and no longer develop the Catdoor CMS system.  This meant that Roger had to look elsewhere for a CMS solution that could be mobile responsive for his clients.

When Roger first came to i3dTHEMES, we helped him explore the solutions we had to offer, with him eventually settling on the WordPress CMS platform, using our mobile responsive WordPress themes.

And since 2014, Roger has now implemented brand new websites using our WordPress themes, for hundreds of his clients.  Yes, that’s right, hundreds.

We’d like to take the time to acknowledge what an incredible effort and success it was to update so many websites to be mobile responsive, making the web not only a better place for his clients, but also for those that depend on his client’s websites.

It takes a special breed of web developer to commit themselves to as many clients as Roger does.

A true inspiration.