Neshaminy Redskins

Customer Spotlight:

Every once in a while, we come across a website that has so perfectly integrated one of our website plugins, that we’re blown away by how seamless it seems.

The Backstory

This happened this last week when I happened to be looking at a website put together by Rita Dapkey.  Rita has been a long time customer of ours, and recently shared on our Facebook page what the felt of our products and services (hint, she likes them).  Every time someone shares that they’ve had a great experience, I always like to go take a look at their websites.

Beautiful Implementation

And I have to tell you, is what we believe every high school football team dreams of having as a website.  It looks great!  It has vibrant images!  It uses a responsive design, loads fast and is engaging.

Fantastic Integration

The Neshaminy Redskins website uses one of our Generation 10 responsive designs with a Calendar plugin integrated.  I was so impressed with how Rita has set it up so that each different team for the school is displayed using a different color in the Calendar — very effective!

And So…

So we wanted to take a moment to give a “tip of the hat” to Rita for an excellent job putting together the website and the integration of the calendar website plugin, and to say thank you for the feedback.