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Want a headache free multi-lingual website? PolyLang can help you.

Multi-Lingual Website – WordPress with PolyLang

I had a chat request come in from a fellow from Tahiti yesterday.  He was looking to set up a WordPress powered site, using one of our themes, for a scuba diving web site with a caveat: he needed it to support a multi-lingual website plugin.

Tahiti… scuba diving… crystal clear blue waters… [daydreaming] [drool]

Chances are, we’re not going to be traveling to French Polynesia any time soon. Too bad, hey?  I guess we’ll just have to enjoy Tahiti that this website will have to offer. [sigh]

Multi-Lingual Website WordPress PluginBut, that one other requirement — it needed to be to provide multi-lingual website support — that can be a tricky thing.  It needed to support a WordPress plugin which allowed for the user to switch between languages.  In the event that they didn’t speak-ah da-english, if you know what I mean, there needed to be a French version of the website.  Je ne parle pas tres bien francais (that was with a little help from Google), or as we out here on the west coast might say if someone started speaking French to us: “Huh?”

Truthfully, though, I’ve wanted to vet our WordPress themes for WPML, which is a highly popular multi-lingual plugin, for some time.  This potential client, however, was already using PolyLang, a completely different plugin, that I was totally unaware of.

After doing some investigation, it turns out that our themes work pretty well with PolyLang.  There are a few small hurdles that you have to take in to consideration, and a couple of widgets which are not yet fully compatible however I believe anyone could make their i3dTHEMES Aquila Framework WordPress Theme multi-lingual with the PolyLang plugin.

A couple of things to note:

  1. An unique slider needs to be created for each language
  2. A unique contact form needs to be created for each language
  3. A unique call to action needs to be created for each language
  4. A unique home page layout (which uses either of items 1-3) should be created, each referencing the appropriate version of the slider, contact form, or call to action, for each language
  5. Those unique layouts would be assigned to the different version of the home page (english, french, spanish).
  6. For any widget that did not have support for multi-lingual language strings (currently, the Info Box is the major one that I can think of) you can always create a duplicate widget, in the widget panel, and set it to only display for a given language

All in all, I was able to really dig in and get a multi-lingual version of the Diavlo site slapped together in a couple of hours.

One other thing of note is that PolyLang works with another third-party plugin which allows for free translations of your pages and blog posts.  This second plugin also helps to provide multi-lingual website support, which is pretty handy.  Okay, très handy.

Over all, I give it a two thumbs up.

Quickly Add Shopify to Responsive Design in WordPress to Capture Growing Mobile Market

Today I’m going to show how you can quickly add your Shopify products to your Responsive  Design in WordPress to Capture Growing Mobile Market.  I’m also going to talk about why it is so important to marry Shopify e-commerce with Responsive Design, and WordPress.

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WordPress Theme Framework 4.3 Update Status

With the most recent bug introduced by WordPress 4.2.2, that causes the blog settings to disappear, we’re going to be getting the updates to Aquila WordPress Themes done lickity split.  Below, I’m providing the estimated completion schedule for each of the themes, so that you can know when the update for your theme will be ready.

I recommend subscribing to our Twitter feed or Facebook page as we will be placing notifications when each of the themes are ready.

Order of the following themes is presented in “newest to oldest”, which is the order that we are doing the updates.

Onyx Completed June 11th, 2015


Diavlo Completed June 19th, 2015


Portico Completed June 26th, 2015


Kino Completed June 29th, 2015 (Estimated Completion July 3rd, 2015)


Tempus Completed July 7th, 2015 (Estimated Completion July 10th, 2015)


Avante Completed July 9th, 2015 (Estimated Completion July 17th, 2015)


Myriad Completed July 10th, 2015 (Estimated Completion July 24th, 2015)


Champion Completed July 14th, 2015 (Estimated Completion July 31th, 2015)


Fortis Completed July 17th, 2015 (Estimated Completion August 7th, 2015)


Educational WordPress Themes for Educators


One of the biggest challenges of being tasked to build a website for a school is that often you won’t get a whole lot of direction apart from the colors that it needs to look like. You may be told that it needs to have a calendar of events, or that it has pictures of the school on it, but often after that you’re on you’re own!

Well, we’re here to help you with the next step!

First, you need to know that the best and easiest way to manage a website is with the WordPress platform.  WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform, but it also does double-time as a fantastic Content Management System (CMS).  You don’t need any additional software, just your web browser.  Manage your web pages, blog posts, and all features of the site directly via FireFox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

And once you’ve gotten on board with WordPress (it’s free, and it’s open source), you’ll want to get yourself an educational WordPress theme.

What you Should Focus On When choosing an Educational WordPress Theme

A Full Responsive Design

Mobile devices are everywhere, and when designing your site, you must must MUST consider that students, and possibly parents, are going to be accessing the site with their phones or tablets.  You need to make sure that the design is fully responsive: does it respond to different browser widths.

An SEO Friendly Architecture

It’s one thing to have a website, with content on it, but it’s something else entirely to have the architecture of the site set up in such a manner that there are search engine friendly tags ready to be populated.  If you want to be listed for key search terms, this is incredibly important.

A Staff Page To Showcase Your and/or Your Educators

Students and (if you’re building a grade-school educational site) parents will want to check out who the educators are.  Your educational WordPress theme should have a page that can showcase you or your staff.

Functional School/Teacher Blog and Class Descriptions

Can the theme be set up to showcase your classes?  Can it show blog posts from teachers?  Can it do everything that your administration has set out to bring a sense open communication and transparency to your website and school?

An Eye Catching Design

While many WordPress themes are functional, not all convey the sophisticated and professional look and feel that your school may be looking for.  Be on the look out for such items as an image slider or quote slider.

Great ideas!  Now where can I find such works of beauty?

So now we’ve told you what you need to be on the lookout for, so where do you go from here?  Well, we have a great selection of educational wordpress themes that have all of those features.

Here a few of our most popular educational WordPress themes.

Tempus Educational WordPress Theme
Tempus Educational WordPress Theme
Myriad Educational WordPress Theme
Myriad Educational WordPress Themes
Avante Educational WordPress Theme
Avante Educational WordPress Theme
Portico Educational WordPress Theme
Portico Educational WordPress Themes