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The Missing Visitor Metric – The Interactive #79

Big news about the Oxygen website design this week — Colin is just about ready to launch the website template, and should have it in the catalog ( by the end of next week.  He’ll continue work on the WordPress theme after that.

In the code lab, I’ve been focusing on Server Response time, and improving that within our Pegasaas Accelerator WordPress plugin (

But while I was talking to Colin this week, I realized that there is this hidden metric about your visitors that most people could be completely unaware of, that if they only knew about it and just sped up their website, they could have more visitors.

Watch the video to find out more.

Big Updates to Major Web Dev Frameworks [Interactive #74 – S2E22]

It’s been a big week for new developments in the web design word. Bootstrap and Font Awesome both officially released their latest versions — both of them focused on faster and better load and rendering for mobile devices.

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One way small businesses can deal with the fall of Net Neutrality [Interactive #67 – S2E15]

As an important a message as I’ve made yet, now more than ever it is increasingly important to ensure your websites performance is super optimized. With the fall of the Net Neutrality protections yesterday in the USA, the future of whether Internet traffic will be throttled is uncertain.

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750K lines of code in 15 years, but the last 10K is the most awesome

When I started with Colin at i3dTHEMES in 2002, I had not written a snippet of PHP.  Back then, the i3dTHEMES website was just static HTML.  But I wanted to build our own storefront.

So I picked up a book and taught myself PHP and MySQL.

That was over 750K lines of PHP ago.  That includes a number of software-as-a-service platforms, storefronts, and website applications. But it’s been the last 10K lines that have been the most exciting.

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Season 2?! [Interactive #53 – S2E1]

It’s hard to believe that this week last year we did our very first “weekly recap”, what we now call our “interactives”.

52 weekly — usually about 3pm Pacific, each Friday — episodes since then, and we’ve come a long way. Not only has our comfort level with “going live” grown, but we have now launched our Pegasaas Accelerator system which provides automated WordPress PageSpeed optimization.

If you run a WordPress site, you probably already realize how an impossible task it is to try to optimize your site for PageSpeed… unless, of course, you’re running Pegasaas.

Reserve your spot to use our groundbreaking PageSpeed technology with your WordPress site —