Calculate Your Potential Revenue If You Had a Faster Website

Calculate Your Potential Revenue – The Interactive #80

If only you had a faster website — maybe you could generate more revenue.  But how much revenue does a faster website mean?  In this weeks vlog, I talk about how you can figure that out.

In the design lab this week, Colin was barely functional as he had come down with the flu.  Poor guy.  So we did not get to launching Oxygen this week, as he still had the help documentation to complete.

Should have Oxygen released next week.

In the code lab, we’re pretty stoked to welcome Adam to the team.  Adam is currently assisting me in getting Pegasaas compatible with a number of third party plugins.

But the big news this week that I have to share is a great new tool from Google that shows you how much potential revenue you could be making if you were to speed up your website.  The article is found here:

Then, scroll on down to the “Impact Calculator” and then down to the section titled “Calculate the Potential Revenue Impact”.  To find your current desktop load time, go to Pingdom or GTMetrix.

In the “Impact Calculator”, enter in your Load Time, your monthly estimate visits, your average order amount, and your conversion rate.  You may be surprised by how much you can make by speeding up your website.

And speeding up your website, of course, is the whole point of Pegasaas.