WordPress Theme Framework Development

Earlier this year, we retooled the WordPress Theme framework codenamed Phoenix (WPFW2), with an iterative release called “Orion” (WPFW3). Orion featured some huge improvements over the previous frameworks, most notably the “Theme Updater”, “Unlimited Sidebars”, “Custom Component Regions” and “Multi-Page Image Sliders”.

Well, I’m excited to announce that I’ve begun work on WPFW4, code named “Aquila”.

For those of you keeping an eye on our latest website template releases, you’ll notice a number of major changes to our web template architecture.  We’re now employing the use of the Twitter Bootstrap framework as well as the FontAwesome vector icon set.  Along with a number of exciting new image sliders, and much improved typography, our newest templates are red hot and flying off the shelves.

But in order to accommodate all of the new updates in the website templates, I have to completely re-engineer the WordPress Theme framework that we have developed.

I’m hoping that the re-tooling will see that we’ll have a bunch of Twitter Bootstrap enabled WordPress Themes available as of September 1st.

Just a taste of some of of the newest planned features:

  • Much improved functionality of the Theme Settings dashboard
  • Support for Custom defined CSS
  • Pre-Defined Template Layouts
    • Blog
    • Magazine
    • Business
    • Contact Page
    • Under Construction
    • 404 Page
    • Timeline
    • Image Gallery
    • Archives
    • Portfolio
  • Support for Retina displays
  • Support for Lightbox Image Viewer
  • Special Custom Post Types
    • Portfolio
    • Team Members
    • Testimonials
    • FAQs
  • Special Advanced Widgets
    • Reservations
    • Contact Forms
      • Support for CAPTCHA
      • Support for Skill Testing Question
  • General Purpose Widgets
    • Adsense Regions
    • Banner Ad Space
    • Testimonial Viewer
    • Social Media Buttons
    • Phone Number
    • Back To Top
    • Contact Form
    • Font Sizer
    • Google Map
  • Support for third party Newsletter services (MailChimp)
  • Multiple Slider Types
    • Nivo Slider
    • Bootstrap Carousel
    • Amazing Slider (Available in Pro Package only)
    • Revolution Slider (Available in Pro Package only)
    • Fullscreen Carousel
    • Jumbotron Carousel
  • Support for multi-column Widget Regions
  • Support for dynamically defined Widget Rows
  • Support for user defined “Fav Icons”
  • Increased customizability of blog display

And that’s just to start.  Whether I get all of that done by September, I can’t say.  But we’ll be releasing September 1st with what we have done, and continue to develop as the year goes on.

We’ve made a commitment to make WordPress Theme development our top priority now.

If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in our new WordPress Theme framework, let me know.

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