Tempus — New High Impact Design Released

Wow, are we excited here!  Colin put the finishing touches on his new website template masterpiece, Tempus HD, and we’ve released it to the general public.  The official release via our email campaign can be viewed online.

tempusNow, you’re probably wondering why we’re calling this one a “masterpiece”.  Well, like all great artists, your latest is usually your greatest.  13+ years of designing website templates has refined Colin’s skills to such a degree.

This newest of our website templates is definitely high impact.  With 8 new features that are (so far) exclusive to this design, the amount of functionality, that he has married with a beautiful look and feel, is shocking.  We normally only add in one or two new components per design, but this time around he really wanted to “blow your socks off”.

Included in this design, as aspects that really define this product are the following features:

  • full screen slider
  • refined social media icons
  • [new] drop-in contact panel (contains google map and contact form) at top of page
  • [new] info box carousel
  • refined call-to-action animated text area
  • [new] testimonial slider
  • [new] side/vertical menu
  • [new] featured video
  • [new] small quote rotator
  • [new] accordion panels
  • [new] floating scroll-back-to-top button

But, don’t take my word for it, check out our online demo — I’m sure you’ll be impressed with all of the bells and whistles.

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