Numo: Site goes offline once configuration file permission changed

This is a rare occurrence, however, if you find that after you change permissions on the “configuration” file in order to install the numo system, that your entire website goes offline, FEAR NOT!

This problem is SO rare, that we hesitate to add it to our support system as we don’t want to suggest that this is something that everyone needs to check for. That said, if this does happen, what we found was that the folder, that the configuration file is in, named “configuration” had the permission changed, and NOT the “configuration/database_connection_information.php” file.

With your FTP program, right click on the “numo/configuration/” folder, select “File Permissions” and make sure it is set to 755, then click “Okay”
Then, go in to the configuration folder, right click on the “database_connection_information.php” file and select “File Permission”, and set it to 777, then click “Okay”.

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