Numo.Accounts: Creating an Account Group

Account groups allow you to split accounts into groups that have different permissions. For example I may have one group named “Default” that I want to allow registrations, but another account group for “Employees” that I only want administrators to be able to add accounts to.

  1. Log in to the NUMO administrative area (ie
  2. Expand open the “Account Groups” menu option
  3. Click on the “Create Group” option

    Click "Create Group"

  4. Enter details for this new account group
    • Name: Name of the account group (ie “Employees”)
    • Allow Registration: Whether registration should be available or not
      Yes“: a registration component will be available for you to place onto your page(s) to allow visitors to register an account within the group

      No“: the registration component will not be available and visitors will not be able to register an account within the group. In this case, accounts can only be created by an administrator through the administrative area.

    • Require Approval: Require the administrator to approve new accounts
      Yes“: new accounts will need to be reviewed and approved by an administrator before the account holder will be able to login to their account.

      No“: new accounts do not require an administrator to approve their account before they can login

    • Require Activation: Confirm if the email address used fore the account is valid
      Yes“: account holders will need to click on a link within the welcome message to activate their account. Account holders will not be able to login to their account until they have activated their account.

      No“: account holders would not need to click on the link within the welcome message they receive after registering their own account in order to login to their account.

  5. Click the “Create” button to create the new account group

Once the new account group has been created, you will be redirected to the “Edit” page for the account group, in the event you need to make further changes.

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