New WordPress Themes Now Available

Wow, are we excited here, or WHAT!  Finally.. FINALLY.. finished off the Aquila WordPress Theme framework, and voila, Fortis as a WordPress Theme has been launched.

Personally, this has been a huge undertaking.  We had to redesign the entire framework from the ground up.  While we used and leveraged a lot of code from the Orion framework, that we developed at the beginning of 2013, we really had to rethink a lot of processes.  And I’ll be honest, there were times where my hairline actually visibly receded between 9am when I got into the office, and 5pm when I left… my children wouldn’t recognize me when I got home.  (Although, I’m nearing good company, Capt Jean Luc Picard, etc).

All joking aside, we’re also excited about the feedback we’ve received about the framework and how quickly we’ve seen interest in the newest of products.  A tip of the hat to Colin and the team for making such a great design, in Fortis.

Vesper is soon it’s heels (anticipated October 22nd launch), with Champion and Expo in early November.  Keep an eye on our wordpress themes catalog for these up and coming exceptional products.

And, if you want to see some of the magic and excitement that I’ve been talking about, take a look the introductory video I’ve done for Fortis as a WordPress Theme, here.

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