Countdown to Awesomeness — New WordPress Theme Framework

[drumroll, in the distance]

Okay, maybe the drumroll is a bit early, but I can safely say, I’ve done as much development on the new wordpress themes framework, that is going to be done for launch.  Aquila is just two weeks away!!

Over the last seven weeks, I’ve taken our Orion framework and incorporated an incredible amount of ingenuity (imho).  We needed a new way of thinking about the page structure, to take advantage of all of the great features of the Twitter Bootstrap system.  Orion (the hunter) transformed into Aquila (bird of pray, also a hunter).

The there are so many beautiful things about this new WordPress Themes framework that, but I think that which I’m most excited about is the theme updater that leverages code from the WordPress system.  Getting your theme update will be even easier which is key as we plan on updating the framework every week with new features.

We have a week or so of getting the updater completed, as well as the system packager.

This is how our wordpress themes launch schedule for the next 30 days looks:

  • September 20th: Fortis HD/FD/SL
  • September 27th: Vesper HD/FD/SL
  • October 4th: Champion HD/FD/SL (oops, did I just let slip the name of the next Website Template design — estimated launch of that is September 24th)

Over the course of October we’ll be adding probably 20 or more features there we don’t have in the current Orion themes.

And the plan then is every two to three weeks a new WordPress theme will be launched.

Exciting stuff!

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