Aquila WordPress Theme Framework (Week 6)

EXCELLENT progress this week. It seems that the last week in August is when a lot of people go on vacation. Phones were pretty busy this week, but Colin fielded most of the calls (Christina is back mid-next-week from vacation).

While I’m hopeful that I’ll have Fortis released as a WordPress theme by September 20th, I still have a tremendous amount of work to do to make the product ready for launch. That all said, I’m really happy with how things have gone this week.


Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Current Week
  • Week 1 Much improved functionality of the Theme Settings dashboard
  • Week 1 Support for Custom defined CSS
  • Week 2 Support for Multi-Column Widget Regions
  • Week 2/4 Support for Dynamically defined Widget Rows
  • Week 3 Graphical eye candy for Widget Interface
  • Week 4 Support for Analytics Code Region
  • Week 4 Support for custom CSS
  • Week 4 Support for Copyright/Powered By Settings
  • Week 6 Support for custom Typography Settings
  • Next Increased Customizability of blog display
  • Pre-Defined Template Layouts
    • Week 2/3/4 Standard Page
    • Week 6 Business
    • Week 5/6 Contact Page
    • Week 6 Under Construction
    • Week 6 404 Page
    • Next Blog
    • Next Magazine
    • Next Timeline
    • Next Image Gallery
    • Next Archives
    • Portfolio (Scheduled now for mid October release)
  • Support for Retina displays (Scheduled now for early October release)
  • Support for Lightbox Image Viewer (Scheduled now for early October release)
  • Special Custom Post Types
    • Week 4 Testimonials
    • Week 4/5/6 Team Members
    • Week 4/5/6 FAQs
    • Portfolio (Scheduled now for mid October release)
  • Special Advanced Widgets
    • Reservations (Removed from proposed initial release)
    • Week 5/6 Contact Forms
      • Support for CAPTCHA (Scheduled now for late October release as a part of a premium upgrade)
      • Support for Skill Testing Question (Scheduled now for late October release as a part of a premium upgrade)
  • General Purpose Widgets
    • Week 2 Phone Number
    • Week 2 HTML Box
    • Week 2 Image
    • Week 2 SEO Tags (H1,H2,H3,H4)
    • Week 2 Logo (Text with Graphic or Vector Icon)
    • Week 2 Column Break
    • Week 3 Custom Menu
    • Week 3 Content Region
    • Week 3 Info Box/Feature Page Widget
    • Week 3 Twitter Feed Widget
    • Week 3 Social Media Icons Widget
    • Week 4 Testimonial Viewer
    • Week 4 Footer Contact Region
    • Week 5 Back To Top
    • Week 5 Font Sizer
    • Week 6 Contact Form
    • Week 6 Super Summary Blog Posts
    • Google Map (Use HTML Box Instead)
  • Support for third party Newsletter services (MailChimp) (Scheduled now for early October release as a Premium Upgrade)
  • Multiple Slider Types
    • Week 4 Nivo Slider
    • Week 4 Fullscreen Carousel
    • Week 4 Jumbotron Carousel
    • Week 4 Parallax Slider
    • Week 5Video Slider
    • Week 5Blur Slider
    • Week 5Amazing Slider
    • Revolution Slider (Removed from proposed initial release)
  • Support for user defined “Fav Icons” (Scheduled now for late September release)

As you can tell, there’s not a lot left from my initial list, still to develop. I’ve had to relegate some of the more advanced items to a post-initial-launch date. We’re also going to be launching some of the more complex items as premium upgrades.

Next week is going to be getting the last of the layouts done, as well as getting placeholders in place for help videos (directly within the theme).

The week after that I’ll be working on getting the installer working with the new framework before launching somewhere around September 20th. Even though primary development will be done by the end of next week, there will be a lot of tutorials and internal systems that I’ll need to work on to get it ready for launch.

BUT, it seems we’re just about in the home stretch! Yay!

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