Aquila WordPress Framework Progress (Week 2)

Development went on hold for a week while I took off a week to enjoy with the family at our summer vacation spot.  Had great weather, good times, lots of laughs, but by the end I was itching to get back to work on the Aquila framework.

And unbelievably, I actually made progress this week.

Week 1
Week 2
  • Week 1 Much improved functionality of the Theme Settings dashboard
  • Week 1 Support for Custom defined CSS
  • Week 1 Support for user defined “Fav Icons” (partially complete)
  • Week 2 Support for Multi-Column Widget Regions
  • Week 2 Support for Dynamically defined Widget Rows
  • Pre-Defined Template Layouts
    • Week 2 Standard Page (partially complete)
    • Week 3 (next) Business
    • Blog
    • Magazine
    • Contact Page
    • Under Construction
    • 404 Page
    • Timeline
    • Image Gallery
    • Archives
    • Portfolio
  • Support for Retina displays
  • Support for Lightbox Image Viewer
  • Special Custom Post Types
    • Portfolio
    • Team Members
    • Testimonials
    • FAQs
  • Special Advanced Widgets
    • Reservations
    • Contact Forms
      • Support for CAPTCHA
      • Support for Skill Testing Question
  • General Purpose Widgets
    • Week 2 Phone Number
    • Week 2 HTML Box
    • Week 2 Image
    • Week 2 SEO Tags (H1,H2,H3,H4)
    • Week 2 Logo (Text with Graphic or Vector Icon)
    • Week 2 Column Break
    • Week 3 (next) Custom Menu
    • Week 3 (next) Content Region
    • Week 3 (next) Featured Page Widget
    • Week 3 (next) Info Box Widget
    • Week 3 (next) Testimonial Viewer
    • Adsense Regions
    • Banner Ad Space
    • Social Media Buttons
    • Back To Top
    • Contact Form
    • Font Sizer
    • Google Map
  • Support for third party Newsletter services (MailChimp)
  • Multiple Slider Types
    • Nivo Slider
    • Bootstrap Carousel
    • Amazing Slider (Available in Pro Package only)
    • Revolution Slider (Available in Pro Package only)
    • Fullscreen Carousel
    • Jumbotron Carousel
  • Increased customizability of blog display

Admittedly, looking back at the progress on the checklist, it doesn’t look like much.  But the “Multi-Column Widget Regions” was a big one.  That took me three days alone to complete.

Next week I’ll be focusing on completing the “Standard Page” template, a much more definable and customizable (than WordPress provides) “Customized Menu” widget, a content region widget, and a couple more display widgets. I’m hoping to tackle the FAQs and Testimonials custom post types as well. Hopefully by week’s end (it’s a short week, as Monday is a holiday here), I’ll have the Business Page and FAQs templates complete as well. A bit ambitious!

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