i3dTHEMES TV - Interactive 52

It’s a big day here today! [Interactive #52]

It’s a big day here for a couple of reasons.

Between this being the 52nd weekly recap, and us opening the https://pegasaas.com reservation desk today, this is a pretty big day for us.

We’ve come a long way in doing our “interactives” where we document, as a live vlog, what we’ve been working on. I love looking back on the first few that I did to see how far it’s come. And I’m super stoked to think about how our vlog is going to continue to grow and evolve over the next year.

As for the brand new PEGASAAS platform that we’ve been working on in conjunction with our Accelerator WordPress plugin… I can’t tell you how excited I am about this service! It is going to improve SO many websites. Maybe one of them will be yours?

If you run WordPress, you absolutely should get yourself on the reservation list to even just try it out. Get yourself reserved by October 1st and automatically get membership in our Developer Guild to take advantage of some super exclusive perks.