beating google page speed

Beat Google Page Speed with Accelerator

Last week, I let slip the code name for our new website plugin that is currently in development.


How fitting, that this last week has seen phenomenal strides in its development.  So much so, that we now feel confident in sharing what Accelerator is all about.

You know, as a web developer, that there are so many factors to having a successful website.  The landscape is every changing, the rules to having your site listed in the search engines are constantly evolving.  You need to consider EVERYTHING that impacts user experience, from mobile responsiveness, to how fast your site loads.  Because EVERY-SINGLE-ASPECT of your user’s experience will define how successful your website is.

Accelerator targets the complex tasks that Google Page Speed Insights recommends webmasters address.  If you are not aware of Google Page Speed Insights, you should check it out.  If your website is not, as we say “in the green”, then you absolutely need to consider addressing their suggestions.

This is crucial.

This isn’t something you can just shrug off.

You know that you have a product, or service… an IDEA… a VISION… SOMETHING that someone NEEDS.  What happens when you lose ground in search engines because you site doesn’t pass muster with Google.  All of those people that NEED what you HAVE won’t find you because you’ve dropped off the radar.

All other aspects of website ranking considered equal, if your site ranks low in the Google Page Speed index, you’re going to have a poor showing on the results pages compared to your competitors that rank higher.

I cover this, and what Accelerator does, and how it can help you, in this video I did earlier during a weekly recap.

It’s coming.  By mid-November Accelerator will be available to help your website’s page speed.