Aquila WordPress Theme Framework 4.3

I can’t express how excited I am to finally announce the launch of version 4.3 of our WordPress Theme framework.  This update has been some ten weeks in the making, and includes a whole new mechanism for managing page layouts.

What Themes Are Supported

While our plan is to roll out this version of the framework to all Aquila Framework WP themes, today it is currently only available for the Onyx WordPress theme.  We’re planning on updating one theme per week over the next two months, starting with the most recent (Diavlo) and then working our way through to the oldest (Fortis).

What This Version Is All About

So what’s so gosh darn awesome about this version of our WordPress theme framework?  Apart from the fact that it made me fall in love with our WordPress Themes all over again?

In a word: convenience.

In another word: flexibility.

In a few more: best-darn-mechanism-to-manage-page-layouts-that-you-ever-did-see.

Some FAQs

If you upgrade to the framework, how can you take advantage of the new Layout Editor?

If your wordpress theme supports it, there will be a an option labelled “Global Layout Manger” on the “Quickstart” page of the theme “Control Panel”.  Change the setting to “On”.

If you upgrade to the framework, and turn on the layout editor, and realize you don't like it, can you switch BACK to the legacy Page-Level Layout Manager?


Can I create my own layouts with this new Layout Editor feature?

Yes!  As many as you like.  And, you can even copy pre-existing layouts.

The Tour

The Layout Editor Crash Course

Considerations when Migrating from Pre-4.3 Aquila Framework

(Note: We have tested with switching back and forth between the legacy page level layout manger, and new layout editor and the settings are retained — in the video, I suggested that perhaps they may not, however we have tested this functionality and it does keep the old settings)