Aquila WordPress Theme Framework 4.2 Released

I’m pretty excited to announce that version 4.2 is now accessible to all Aquila Framework based WordPress themes in our catalog.  This means, if you already have one, you can run an update and get the latest version of the framework.

This version is a HUGE update.  Literally, I’ve been working on it since June 18th — three whole months.

Why so long?  Lots and lots of cool new features, many distractions, and also a lot of framework for some even “awesomer” features coming down the pipes for our next major WordPress Theme release.

If you haven’t noticed, we haven’t launched a new WordPress Theme in probably four months — why?  Because we’ve got something INCREDIBLE in the works.  We’re hoping to have it out for November 1st.

So, in the meantime, what is so awesome about v4.2?  Let me see…

  • NEW Framework built to handle primary/timed themes, for future new product types.
  • NEW Timeline Layout for Blog added.
  • NEW Technical Support now available directly from a new ‘Support’ tab.
  • NEW Handling for default regions (main content, and footer) in default layouts added
  • NEW Slide interval and dimensions for native sliders now configurable.
  • NEW Support for Retina resolution bitmapped logo.
  • NEW Customizable FavIcon, iPhone, iPad, and iPhone/iPad Retina Icon feature.
  • NEW Now choose from ALL 630+ Google Fonts on the Typography page.
  • NEW Theme Framework will now come with a list of suggested (and possibly required) plugins.
  • NEW Special MASKS are now supported for the InfoBox, Image, and new Flickr Gallery widgets.
  • NEW New Flickr Gallery widget.
  • UPDATE The theme settings area has been completely revamped — now supports bootstrap 3.x
  • UPDATE Contact Forms special component type has been completely revamped, with much better form builder design view editing.
  • UPDATE FAQs can now be reorganized.
  • FIX Resolved issue with Google Fonts not loading through import statement.
  • FIX Resolved issue with widget columns not properly rendering.

Plus a whole lot more that will go towards the next theme.  There was so much work invested in a better UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) when working with the theme settings with this version.  Kind of like iOS7 was for Apple’s iPhones/iPad line.

I’ll be updating the tutorials in the coming weeks, but most everything should be fairly intuitive.