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    You can now PRE-bundle our Numo Web Plugins with any of our Generation 9 Web Templates -- the plugins will be installed directly into the template package, and styled just like the web template, all for NO EXTRA CHARGE!

    All you have to do is 'add functionality' (either on the catalog page, details page, or demo page) -- the price will automatically be adjusted and you can choose any combination of Generation 9 Web Template and any or all Web Plugins!

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Affiliate Partner Program Signup

Affiliate Program

It's as easy as filling in a form, and placing a banner or text link, to us, on your site!

PayPal account, for commission payouts, required.

Partner Program Terms of Usage

This is the Partner Program Terms of Usage (PPToU) for offered by Lucky Marble Solutions Corp (hereafter referred to as LMSC).

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Affilate Referrals
  • Developer Referrals
  • Developer Interface and Developer List

General Terms

  • The use of an affilate link or developer interface indicates your acceptance of this PPToU.
  • LMSC reserves the right to terminate your participation in the partner program at any time and without warning.
  • LMSC reserves all rights not expressly granted herein and the right to update this agreement at any time.

Affiliate Terms

With regard to "referred" sales LMSC agrees to:

  • Pay a commission to you on all "qualified" referred sales from the date you entered into this program.
  • So long as a followable, traditional, non-javascript affiliate link is active and prominent on your site.
  • Qualifed items which a commission will be granted on include:
    • Web Templates
    • Web Modules
    • Subscribed Web Hosting
    • Subscribed Web Services
  • Items which do not qualify for a commission include:
    • Custom Design Services provided by LMSC
    • Administration Fees issued by LMSC
    • Webmastering Services provided by LMSC
  • Commissions will be accrued in the currency that the transaction occurred in.
  • Payments will be made via PayPal money transfer -- you must have a PayPal account in order to receive your payments. PayPal will deduct a transaction fee of about 3.5%, of the total being sent to you, for providing the funds to you immediately. This is a non-negotiable fee.
  • Commissions are calculated on the order total after rebates.
  • Commissions are paid monthly, provided there is a balance owing of $100 in total. Should you have a balance less than $100, the amount in your account will acrue until there is a balance within the account that exceeds $100 owing.
  • Should your participation in this program be terminated (either by cancellation, or termination on our part), you will be issued a payment for the final balance owing within 5 business days.

How you may make referral commissions:

  • By referring a customer via an affiliate text or image link on your web page *

* affiliate commissions are not available when using your own account as, as a returning customer, you already receive a loyalty rebate

Developer Terms

Developer Representation

By displaying the developer gallery/interface on your website, you are not to represent these designs as created by yourself. LMSC retains the ownership all intellectual property and copyright for the products displayed, as is stated in the End User License Agreement.

In addition, you may not advertise yourself as an 'expert' within the developer list. The business description field is only for describing what you do.

Developer Guidelines

As a developer using the developer gallery/interface, you are permitted to provide our templates to your clients based on the understanding that you are providing them a service, and not reselling the stock template in its original form. Your service may include such items as website setup, or monthly webmastering.

Should there be a complaint received about service provided, we reserve the right to terminate your inclusion in the 'Developer List'. As you are being 'referred' by us through our website, if we determine that you are not providing quality service or fair business practices, we will simply remove you from the list. This is non-negotiable.

Developer Listing

By opting IN to be displayed with in the DEVELOPER LISTING, we are providing you with a resource to gain clients. We do not charge for this listing. Any troubleshooting/support request from the date of your signup, submitted by yourself, or by your under-contract client, will be deemed a billable service (at our regular service rate of $100/hr, minimum 1/4 hour, or redeemable using support credits) to you. In order to maintain 'developer-in-good-standing' and remain in the list, you will be required to pay for such troubleshooting service upon receipt of the answer. Failure to do so within 14 days will result in a suspension of your account.

If your under-contract client should contact us directly for support, because you are not providing the service that they expected, and we end up having to provide support to them, we will bill you directly. This is non-negotiable. It is your responsibility as a professional to make sure your client is satisfied. If your relationship with your client is unstable, it is your responsibility to resolve the issues.

When dealing with clients, it is important to use checklists for setting expectations. ProposalKit.com is an excellent resource.

By ensuring that you are willing to take responsibility for your clients, and for your own level of knowledge, ensures that we are listings only professionals within our list -- this provides our clientele with a qualified set of resources.

Governing Law

  1. This agreement shall be governed by International Copyright Laws, International Treaty Provisions and the laws of Canada
  2. By signing-up/installing this service provided by LMSC, you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this service. If you do not agree to these terms, do not sign up for this service.

Disclaimer of Warranty

  2. Because of the various hardware and software environments into products from LMSC may be installed, and your ability to use and understand the operation of your computer and installed software, NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF ANY KIND IS OFFERED.
  3. The user must assume the entire risk of using the service.
  4. Should the participation of this program be terminated, the liability of LMSC WILL BE LIMITED EXCLUSIVELY TO THE FINAL ACCOUNT BALANCE OWING, for all reasons. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to: should there be any reason for the participation of this program be terminated, or there be a operational problem with the program.
  5. LMSC is not responsible for the user's level of ability to use the software required to modify or services provided by LMSC.
  6. The user must assume responsibility for understanding any software or web hosting requirements prior to downloading the product.
  7. We reserve the right to update this policy at any time, without warning.

Please fill in this short form to join our affiliate program

If you already have an account with us, please signup via your account

First Name Last Name
Email Address Verify Email
Password Verify Password
Choose an Account/Login ID  
tip: must be alpha-numeric only (a-z A-Z 0-9) and start with a letter
PayPal Account Email Address This must be a valid PayPal acccount email, otherwise you will not recieve your commission payments.


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Package Developer Package INSTANT Rebate Qualify for an instant 25% off single-site** licenses when you purchase 3 (or more) web templates at the same time*.

* This offer cannot be combined with purchases made in separate transactions, and is only valid if the order is made through the checkout routine. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount.

** Discount does not apply to multi-site or developer licenses, as these licenses are already discounted; however, if a developer or multi-site license is purchased in the same order, it qualifies as one of the three products purchased in order to get the 25% discount.

Cards Education/Government Institution Purchase Orders We are now accepting purchase orders from education/government institutions in the USA and Canada. To make arrangements, please contact operations at 1-866-943-5733 x 204