Quickly Add Shopify to Responsive Design in WordPress to Capture Growing Mobile Market

Today I’m going to show how you can quickly add your Shopify products to your Responsive  Design in WordPress to Capture Growing Mobile Market.  I’m also going to talk about why it is so important to marry Shopify e-commerce with Responsive Design, and WordPress.

SEO is no longer simply Search Engine Optimization

SEO should now be looked upon as Search EXPERIENCE Optimization.  No longer is it important to only get your keywords and content set up properly.  Having a mobile responsive website is critical to your success as well, for both search engine visibility, and the ability to serve your website to those using mobile browsers.

On top of that, is that if you are going to selling online, your cart and checkout routine better be awesome.  Add-to-cart is confusing, or your billing details form is clunky, you’re visitors are going to lose confidence in you.  And if it isn’t suited for a mobile experience, you can kiss those hard earned sales goodbye.

So… What is the Solution?

Add Shopify + Responsive Design + WordPress = Awesome

Why WordPress

Of course, as you probably know, the WordPress platform is  incredibly flexible when it comes to adding functionality by way of third-party plugins.  Natively, WordPress is designed to be search engine friendly.  And, with a just a few clicks and a little bit of time, your site running on WordPress can be super search engine friendly.

WordPress allows for an easy interface to focus on “content first” which in today’s world of content marketing, is intensely important.

And Responsive Design… How?

You absolutely must be using a responsive WordPress theme if you want to be relevant for mobile visitors, or to be even found in search for those using search on mobile phones.  All other metrics considered equal, if its down to whether you are not mobile friendly, and your competition IS, they are going to rank better in google.

To accentuate why this is important, you should realize that over 50% of google searches are now done on mobile devices.

If your site is not mobile-friendly, you’re potentially missing out on a huge chunk of visitors that could be looking for your business (and end up going to your competition).

We’ve developed a framework for our WordPress themes that,utilizes the mobile-first “Bootstrap” framework, that enables you to have a website that responds to different devices such as  desktop, tablet, and mobile, without you having to know anything about how it all works.

Why Shopify

Shopify is probably the most popular hosted e-commerce website platform around with over 243,000 merchants currently using it, accounting for 14 BILLION in sales.  Shopify’s interface allows users who need to focus on their business first, the ability to easily set up a storefront and begin selling in minutes.  You can sign up for a Shopify free trial and try it out for two weeks.

Watch The Setup


WordPress + Responsive WordPress Theme + Shopify = Awesome.  Time to get on it.