Did You Know That Anyone - That Includes You! - Can Easily Get A High Google PageSpeed Score?

Yes. There IS a way that you can BOOST your Google PageSpeed score across your entire website, with virtually no effort, and save yourself ridiculous amounts of time and energy.

And I’d like to show, you how you can do that. I’d like to show you how you can get a 85%-95% PageSpeed for all of your website’s pages in just a matter of a few minutes.

…even if you’re not a web programmer.

(As a matter of fact, if you’re a “web programmer”, you might even be at a disadvantage. Programmers like to get all down and dirty in the code, but with this solution, you don’t need to).

…even if you’re not good at technical stuff.

And, if you’re a WordPress user, we now have a WordPress plugin that provides the very same automated Google PageSpeed optimization features as our Numo Accelerator.

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And I’ll show you that it has also some incredible added scoring bonuses beyond Google PageSpeed.

But first, lets talk about why I’m sharing this solution.

You probably know that ranking well in search engines (especially Google) has a lot to do with how fast your pages load and are rendered. For this purpose, Google PageSpeed Insights was developed to help inform webmasters how their web pages are doing, and what they need to work on.

Because, all other metrics considered equal (engaging content, responsive design, incoming links from authoritative sources), if your competitors have a high page speed score (and you don’t), if their web pages load faster than yours, they are going to rank better in the search results pages.


How does your site score?

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But, if you’re not a hard core web guru, many of the recommendations that Google PageSpeed Insights suggests for a higher speed score are extremely difficult if not time consuming to implement.  UGH!

But what if…

We get countless webmasters contact us asking if we can optimize their websites’ to get a better Google PageSpeed score.  It’s a tedious process, but predictable.  We wondered… what IF this could be automated?  That would save us a boat-load of time and energy.  Sure, and why not get a robotic butler to get me a coffee while you’re at it!

So, we grabbed a coffee and sketched out how such a solution would look (for a solution to Google PageSpeed, not the robotic butler).

Accelerator - Google PageSpeed Optimization Made Easy

Enter, Stage Left, The Star of the Show

This is where Accelerator comes in.

Accelerator is the brainchild of the i3dTHEMES team that, quite frankly, was tired of doing manual site-wide optimizations.  We figured out all of the core recommendations that it needed in order to obtain a score that was “in the green”.

Just like high-school, an A is an A is an A.  If you’re “in the green” with a score of 85% or better with Google PageSpeed, you’ve got an A.  If only your website could get a 4.0 GPA for speed, without investing a ridiculous amount of time, hey?  Wouldn’t that be awesome!

Well, now it can, easily, with Accelerator.

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How Easy Is It?

It’s so freaking easy!

Accelerator is built upon the Numo 2017 Website Plugin platform that runs server-side on your website.  It uses some ingenious “find and replace”  technology that we have leveraged in our website plugins suite since 2009.

With this technology, we are able to affect every single page in your entire website on the fly and instantly.  It means that your original files, your working files, are not modified.

If you’ve ever tried to manually Minify every… single… web page… in your site, you know that you have to re-minify your web pages every time you make a change, and run more than one copy of your website because manual Minification essentially makes your web pages un-editable.  It’s a pain in the posterior.

But it is all done auto-magically for you, on the fly, with Accelerator.  All you have to do, basically, is turn it on, and set up a few configurations.

I NEED easy!
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What It Does

It slices, it dices, it makes julienne fries… actually, it DEFERS, it MINIFIES, it OPTIMIZES.  Accelerator boosts your Google PageSpeed score by implementing Google PageSpeed Insights recommendations, on the fly, and all automatically.

This includes (now, this is the geeky stuff):

  • deferral of render blocking resources such as Javascript and CSS
  • auto-detection and insertion of critical above-the-fold CSS
  • minification of HTML CSS and Javascript
  • enabling of server-level GZIP compression
  • leveraging browser caching
  • automatic image optimization via the TinyPNG API

Yup, lots of geeky stuff, but it does it all for you so you can save yourself a “boatload” of time and energy.  Once you install and configure Accelerator, your entire site will be optimized and getting better scores within minutes.

Yes! Minutes!

Not days (or in some cases weeks for large sites)!


Watch the video tour of Accelerator to see what I mean.

Ok, Ok, I need it!
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What Kind Of Scores Should I Expect?

We expect that your pages are going to start scoring in the green — Google PageSpeed Insights rates your performance in the green at 85%.  We believe you’ll find some pages scoring in the low to mid 90s, but we’ll guarantee at least 85% or higher. Accelerator really make Google PageSpeed optimization easy.

If Accelerator does NOT boost your pages into the green, then we will research why and update Accelerator to get you higher scores.

When Can I Get It?

Now! That’s right, Numo Accelerator is now available!

Check out the Accelerator features page to learn how it can boost your website Google PageSpeed scores today!

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