Custom Built Quality on a DIY Budget

We help businesses, like you, stand out from their competition with in-house designed, beautifully crafted, mobile responsive websites

What We Do

You know your business or organization is special and unique. But, does your website showcase how awesome you truly are, to the rest of the world?


This is what we do -- we help businesses and organizations, like you, stand out from their competition online.

Available at a fraction of the cost of a custom built website, our quality crafted products are designed for small businesses. We believe you should love your website, and we have solutions to help you get there: whether you are a "do-it-yourselfer" willing to take the time to manage your site on your own, or you are looking for a team that is passionate about your online success, to handle the back end website management for you.

If you're up for the do-it-yourself project, we have extensive video instructions that walk you through the very basics of opening up your site in your website editor, all the way through the configuration of your stunning new website, to finally getting your website online.

In the situation where you need to hire us to manage your site for you, we take all the information you provide to us and insert it into your new design to give you a unique and distinct presence on the web.

We have helped over 30,000 website operators over the last 15 years -- we can help you too.

The Leadership Team

Colin Fraser

Colin Fraser

1-866-943-5733 ext 1001 / email

Responsible for crafting our unique mobile responsive website templates, WordPress themes, and Shopify themes, Colin began designing websites in 2001. In addition, Colin also manages site marketing and handles supervises the sales/support inquirys through our ticket system.

In his "off" time, Colin enjoys a round of golf at our local course, "Highland Pacific". As one of the founding "Frazoo's", a diverse group of fellows who meet up for weekly rounds of golf, and bi-annual tournaments, Colin is always thinking about how to make the next championship tournament more interesting.

Brandon Devnich

Brandon Devnich

1-866-943-5733 ext 1000 / email

Brandon handles the initial development for new product initiatives. In addition to R&D, Brandon also manages the day-to-day operations of the i3dTHEMES storefront, hosting infrastructure, hosted web applications, and answers many of the sales/support calls.

When he's not knocking out WordPress, Shopify, or Numo code snippets, Brandon dabbles in Arduino and Raspberry Pi programming -- he dreams of a day where his autonomous lawn-mower robot does more than just run into walls or cut down his wife's dahlias. And, when life allows for it, he and Colin will ocassionally get out for a round of golf.

Our Beginnings

i3dTHEMES (or I3D as we refer to it) was started in 2001 by Colin Fraser. Like many new endeavours, I3D started as a "side project" for Colin, but it wasn't long after, in the spring of 2002, that Brandon Devnich approached Colin about what he was doing. A few short months later, the duo teamed up. Together with Colin's design skills, and Brandon's programming background, the two were ready to take on the world of web design.

Many designs, and web design platforms since then, I3D continues to offers the most cutting edge, unique, high impact designs in the market.

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