750K Lines of code later… [Interactive #54 – S2E2]

I was astonished to find out that over the 15+ years working with Colin, I’ve produced over 750K lines of PHP code.  I knew that it was up there, but dang…

But as I mentioned in my blog post earlier this week, it’s really the last 10K that I’m most excited about.  That last 10K is the Pegasaas Accelerator system.

Pegasaas is now fully in BETA mode with beta testers being notified today and early next week.  We’re working to have the Pegasaas Accelerator plugin ready for those on the reservation list by October 1st.  That give us two weeks to see how things come together.

Even after October 1st, there will be lots of development as there are big plans for feature expansion.

Colin has been busy at work on his new template design, Karma.  It’s coming together nicely, so we should expect that in the next four weeks, if not sooner.