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750K lines of code in 15 years, but the last 10K is the most awesome

When I started with Colin at i3dTHEMES in 2002, I had not written a snippet of PHP.  Back then, the i3dTHEMES website was just static HTML.  But I wanted to build our own storefront.

So I picked up a book and taught myself PHP and MySQL.

That was over 750K lines of PHP ago.  That includes a number of software-as-a-service platforms, storefronts, and website applications. But it’s been the last 10K lines that have been the most exciting.

PageSpeed Optimization for Traditional Websites

Last year, about this time (early September 2016), we started developing an automated PageSpeed optimization website plugin called Accelerator.  It was based upon our Numo website module platform of web applications.

In December 2016, the software was released and it rocketed entire websites to over 95/100 in just minutes.

PageSpeed Optimization for WordPress

Then, in April 2017, I decided that we needed to take the technology we built for traditional websites, and adapt it for the hugely popular WordPress CMS platform.  WordPress runs about 25% of websites on the internet, and there’s no solution available for automated PageSpeed optimization.

How We SuperBoost the PageSpeed Optimization

Early in the development life-cycle, it became obvious that the only way to speed up WordPress, and give the pages a super-boost to their PageSpeed scores, was to offload the heavy lifting of the processor intensive optimization tasks to a dedicated service that ran along-side of a lightweight WordPress plugin.

So while we developed the Accelerator WordPress plugin, we also built the Pegasaas platform: a software as a service platform that handles the time-consuming and server-heavy tasks of optimization.

The Pinnacle of Development

Pegasaas is the pinnacle of my coding career — it leverages every piece of experience I’ve gained over 15+ years of working with PHP and MySQL.

And it is the COOLEST, most AWESOME website optimization system that we’ve ever come across.  Not just because we’re biased (because every parent is proud of their kids’ achievements) but because the darn thing does what takes seasoned web developers hours and hours (if not days and days) to accomplish in just minutes.

And not just once, but on-the-fly, repeatedly.

Automated Functionality

Pegasaas Accelerator optimizes the WordPress pages and posts in your website automatically with zero intervention from the website operator.  It’s a “set it and forget it” system.  It automatically defers render blocking resources, detects and builds critical above-the-fold CSS, optimizes images, Minifies CSS, Javascript and HTML, and enables server side resources that make your website incredibly fast.

If It Were ANY Faster, It Would Involve Time Travel

We timed it — total time from “download”, to “install”, “activate” and “go”, came in at less than a minute.  It then automates itself, and within minutes your pages are being optimized, all automatically.

And that is why I’m totally stoked to say the last 10K lines of code are the most awesome of the 750K lines that I’ve written.

Get Your Hands On It

You can reserve your spot to get Pegasaas Accelerator by heading over to