5 Top Features of the Best Accounting WordPress Themes

When building a website for an accounting firm, we recommend using WordPress.  And when building your WordPress website, it is important to select the right theme, first, to build your successful accounting firm website with.

As with many other types of businesses, Certified Public Accountants have specific needs with regard to their website.  To have a successful website, you should look for accounting WordPress themes that have the following…

Top 5 Features found in the Best Accounting WordPress Themes

A Fully Responsive Design

It is vitally important that your website can be viewed on mobile devices as well as the traditional desktop/laptop computers.  Responsive means that the web page will reshape and properly display based on the size of the website browser.

A Good Contact Page

You want your clients to be able to be able to contact you, with an easy to understand contact page, complete with contact form, and map.

A Client Testimonials Section

If you want to capture new clients, there should be an area where they can read what other clients have to say about you.  This should be an included feature of your website

SEO Friendly Architecture

While this feature is often overlooked on first-time website operators, you should make sure that the design is set up so that it can be properly spidered by search engines, so that your web pages can be found when someone searches for you.

An Eye Catching Design

While many WordPress themes are functional, not all convey the sophisticated and professional look and feel that your firm may be looking for.  Be on the look out for such items as an image slider or testimonial slider.

We have compiled a list of some of our best accounting wordpress themes here.  All of these designs “pass the test” and include the features above.

accounting wordpress themes
Champion Accounting WordPress Theme
accounting wordpress themes
Avante Accounting WordPress Theme
accounting wordpress themes
Tempus Accounting WordPress Theme
Accounting WordPress Themes
Portico Accounting WordPress Theme
Accounting WordPress Themes
Kino Accounting WordPress Theme