750K lines of code in 15 years, but the last 10K is the most awesome

When I started with Colin at i3dTHEMES in 2002, I had not written a snippet of PHP.  Back then, the i3dTHEMES website was just static HTML.  But I wanted to build our own storefront.

So I picked up a book and taught myself PHP and MySQL.

That was over 750K lines of PHP ago.  That includes a number of software-as-a-service platforms, storefronts, and website applications. But it’s been the last 10K lines that have been the most exciting.

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Season 2?! [Interactive #53 – S2E1]

It’s hard to believe that this week last year we did our very first “weekly recap”, what we now call our “interactives”.

52 weekly — usually about 3pm Pacific, each Friday — episodes since then, and we’ve come a long way. Not only has our comfort level with “going live” grown, but we have now launched our Pegasaas Accelerator system which provides automated WordPress PageSpeed optimization.

If you run a WordPress site, you probably already realize how an impossible task it is to try to optimize your site for PageSpeed… unless, of course, you’re running Pegasaas.

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