Diavlo HD for WordPress – Beautiful & Responsive WordPress Theme

Beautiful and Responsive WordPress Theme

Diavlo HD WordPress ThemeWe are so excited to announce the launch of Diavlo HD for WordPress.  This particular theme has been highly anticipated by us on the development team, as well as our regular developer base.  Every week we get asked “is Diavlo going to be available for WordPress“, and our answer is always “we hope very soon!”

There has been an extreme amount of development that has gone into our WordPress Theme Framework the last six months that has lead to this WordPress Theme launch.

Suffice to say, you’ll find the latest widgets, bells, and whistles in this new theme!

Available in ten different colors, and twenty different theme sets, there is sure to be a combination that will suit your needs.

And if it doesn’t strike a chord with you or your customer, we have over 50 other premium wordpress themes to choose from.