DIAVLO: A web design worth 50x what we are selling it for

Truly, if we sold Diavlo to a client hungry for a unique and engaging design, we would have no trouble selling the design alone for $3500.

The amount of time that went into development alone is worth that, then there’s the intrinsic ‘je ne sais quoi’ factor.


You see, DIAVLO has what we, in the web geek world, call “a cinematic experience”.  When you load the home page, you just feel a part of the experience.

The fullscreen slider is one thing, but… go watch what happens when you scroll… it does something you don’t see in sliders.  It parallaxes.  In other words, it scrolls at a different rate than the rest of the page.

Lower in the page, other regions parallax as well.

When you get to a particular point in the page, the top menu slides back into view, fixed to the top of your screen, to allow you (and your visitor) to comfortably navigate site.  It helps to anchor the user and allow them to utilize the rest of your site, and keep a sense of bearing.

Headings and icons slide into view when you scroll past them.

The entire EXPERIENCE is DESIGNED to be CINEMATIC.  To elicit a VISCERAL reaction that has you not only CONNECTING with the website, but also encourages you to keep EXPLORING the content.

This is so important in today’s web world where you have to balance the ideas of CONTENT is KING vs DESIGN is KING.

This one is definitely worth 50x what we’re charging.  But, we’re offering it to you, of course, for just $79.

Go take a look, I think you’ll agree this is one of the best we’ve ever released.