Sandbox FTP Testing Web Space

The Sandbox….

Something new we’ve created for our members.

There are times when we ‘really’ need to see your website, in order to help figure out how to fix it when things go wrong, when you just have questions about how to reposition, resize, or remove something or just not sure on why something doesn’t seem to be working quite right.

The Sandbox is an FTP hosting space we’ve created for each member. All you need to do, is activate this space then FTP your website up to your Sandbox so we can take a look.

To activate your FTP sandbox.

1. Click on the ‘My Accounts’ tab in your members page

2. click on the green ‘Intructions’ button, located to the right of your product thumbnail .. this will take you to your Product Management page

3. On your Product Management page.. click the ‘Activate’ button located under the ‘Web hosting..’ heading

4. Open your Favorite FTP probram, or open your website in your web editor, and add a new FTP publishing location using the information generated by the Activate button

4. Upload your website so we can take a look

5. Send us a reply message so we know the site has been posted

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