Numo.Shopping Cart: Manage Shopping Cart Settings


  1. Login to the NUMO administrative area (ie
  2. Expand open the “Shopping Cart” menu option
  3. Click on the “Settings” option

    • Company Name: Your company name.
    • Company Address: The company address and information you would like to display on the packaging slip available for each order.
    • PayPal Account: Your PayPal account email address, or Secure Merchant Account ID.  For more information, and to create your PayPal Business Account, please see
    • Shipping Details: Whether the shipping details should be requested by PayPal or not
    • Store Mode: What version of PayPal processing the store should use

      Live“: this option will allow you to process orders normally.

      Testing (PayPal Sandbox)“: this option will allow you to test your online store using a PayPal Sandbox account.  For more information testing your store using PayPal Sandbox, please see

    • Default Account Group: An account group must be selected for your shopping cart to use, for new registrations during checkout.  If an account group that does not allow registrations is selected, visitors will not be able to register an account for purchasing.
    • Product Attributes: Allows you to change the name and settings for the three preset fields of information that are stored for each product.  Note: The currency selected will be the currency used for purchases.


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