Numo.Settings: Update Settings


  1. Login to the NUMO administrative area (ie
  2. Click on the “Manage Settings” link option

On the “Manage Settings” page, each of the setting options will be listed.  To the right of the setting name is a text input htat allows the text for the setting to be changed.

Special In-Line Tags

Some settings may have “tags” that are replaced with bits of information before they are displayed.  “Tags” can be identified because they are surrounded by square brackets […].

An example of a setting that has tags available is the “Forgot Login Info Email” setting (Account: Forgot Login Info Email).  There are three “tags” in this message, which have been highlighted below.

When changing a setting that uses tags, it is important to change the text around the tag.  However, unless you don’t want the tag  information to appear, the tag itself should not be removed.

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