Numo.Help Desk: Managing the Ticket

Clicking on the “subject/topic” on the “View Submissions”, or administrative landing page, will open the ticket details and ticket history.

  • You can also changed who the ticket is assigned to by selecting a different name from the “Assigned To” drop down list.  You can only assign the ticket to those who are “Administrators” in the Numo system.
  • You can also change the ticket Subject by clicking in to the “Subject” field, making a change, and then clicking out of the subject field.

Administrative Options

  • If you wish to add to the ticket (reply to the user): click the “Add To Ticket” button.
  • To close the ticket: click the “Close Ticket” button.
  • To change the status of the ticket: select the desired status from the “Change Status” drop-down
  • To refresh the page: click the “Refresh” button
  • To print the ENTIRE ticket (and all messages): click the “Print” button
  • To return to the “View Submissions” page: click the “Exit” button.

Add To Ticket

The “Add To Ticket” form will appear with an auxiliary “Signature” field” at the bottom of the message.

The “Signature” field can be customized in the “Manage Settings” section of the “Numo Administrative Area”

Type your message and then click the “Submit” button.  A message will be sent to the user telling them their ticket has been updated, along with a link so that they may view the message.

Ticket History

The ticket history will show a list of messages in the thread.  Messages are numbered (on the left) with the oldest message being the lowest number.  Messages are ordered in reverse chronological order.

  • To print just the one submission: click the “Print” button within the message box.

Special Notes about the Manage Ticket Page

If a message is not assigned, it will be auto-assigned to the first administrator who views it.  It may be re-assigned.

If a message is marked “unread”, it will automatically be set as “read” when it is viewed by the administrator.

Once a ticket has been closed, it may not be added to until it has been reopened.

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