Numo.Blog: Enable Image Upload

When composing or editing a blog post, one of the toolbar options when writing your post is ‘insert image’. To enable this option to function fully and allow uploads, you may need to allow write permissions on the ‘uploads’ folder.

To update the permissoins for the ‘numo/modules/blog/uploads/’ folder on your server, you should be able to do so through your hosting control panel, or with an FTP client.

Below is an example of how to update file permissoins on the remote server using FileZilla.

  1. Connect to your server using FTP
  2. Expand open the ‘numo’ folder
  3. Expand open the ‘modules’ folder
  4. Expand open the ‘blog’ folder
  5. Right-click on the ‘uploads’ folder
  6. Select the ‘File permissions…’ option
  7. Update the file permissions to 777


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