Numo.Blog: Create Blog


  1. Login to the NUMO administrative area (ie
  2. Expand open the “Blog” menu option
  3. Click on the “Create” option
  4. Enter details for the blog
    • Name: Name of the blog (ie “Aaron’s Blog”)
    • Description: A Brief summary of what the blog is about.  This summary will be used within the RSS Feed for the blog.
    • Allow comments to be submitted: Whether visitors should be able to submit comments or not
      Checked“: Visitors will see an option to submit comments on the blog when viewing the individual post or its comments.

      Un-checked“: Visitors will not see an option to submit comments when reviewing the post.  If comments were previously enabled and submitted, a link will be shown to review the existing ocmments, but no new comments can be added.

    • Require visitors to be logged in to submit comments
      Checked“: Users will be required to be logged in prior to submitting comments

      Un-checked“: Users will not be required to log in prior to submitting comments.

    • Notify contributor(s) when new comments are submitted: Whether contributors should be notified about new comments, or not.
      “Checked”: All of the contributors for the blog will be sent an email message alerting them of the new comment.

      Un-checked“: No notification will be sent out.

    • Require comments to be approved: Whether new comments require approval
      Checked“: New comments will not be displayed until an administrator or contributor for the blog reviews and approves the comment.

      Un-Checked“: New comments will be displayed on the website as soon as they are submitted.

  5. Click the “Create” button to create the new blog


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