Numo.Accounts: Manage Account Groups


  1. Login to the NUMO administrative area (ie
  2. Expand open the “Account Groups” menu option
  3. Click on the “Manage Groups” option

    Click Manage Groups

On the “Manage Groups” page you should see a list of all the account groups that have been created.

To the right of each group listed is a summary of the main settings for the group. A checkmark means the setting has been enabled, and an “X” means the setting is disabled.

Beyond the summary of the group settings are three links that allow you to manage the account group.

  1. Manage: allows you to edit the account group to update settings or manage the fields set for the account group.
  2. Get Component Code: provides a list of the available components for the group and basic instructions on how to place the components into your pages.
  3. Remove: removes the account group and all accounts in the account group.


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