Lessons.Ch2. Extract and open- with Adobe Dreamweaver


This is the most critical step in preparing your website for editing.. if the site is not correctly ‘Defined’ with your Adobe Dreamweaver web editor, certain functionality that is specific to Dreamweaver templates will not function correctly.. functions such as updating the “Library” pages.

It is also vitally important to note that if you are using an external network drive or service (other than your local C:\ drive) to house your website files, such as DropBox, or a Networked drive, that you should view the NEXT tutorial INSTEAD of this one.



  1. open your Dreamweaver web editor
  2. click on the Site menu >> then New Site
  3. for CS4 and previous versions.. switch to the ‘Advanced’ tab
  4. for CS5, you will not need to select a Basic or Advanced, there’s just a single Site Definition window
  5. in the ‘Site name:‘ field, enter a name for your site
  6. click on the ( folder icon ) located to the right of the ‘Local root folder: field
  7. browse to your Desktop, or locate that you extracted the website package into
  8. locate the extracted website package folder
  9. double click on the new template folder
  10. then double click on the second folder until you locate the ‘website’ folder
  11. now double click on the ‘website’ folder

    ** NOTE ** if at this point the select: website up top and the ‘select: website’ at the bottom don’t show ‘website’ for both folder names, then jump over to the ‘Extract and open – with Adobe Dreamweaver with network mapping’ lesson and go through the installation instructions for network mapping.

  12. NOW, click on the ‘select‘ button
  13. then click the ok button which will start the installation, or ‘defining’ of the site by DW

  14. Dreamweaver will ‘cache‘ all the pages in your site
  15. caching basically tells DW which Library pages and their component information is embedded into what pages in the site.


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