Lessons.Ch12. getting online – registering your domain name




  • any tricks toselecting a domain name?
  • how do I go aboutregistering my domain name

selecting a Domain Name

selecting a domain name is usually pretty straightforward, but there are some good tips you may be interested in reviewing 'before' settling on a name.. Check out

12 Rules for Choosing the Right Domain Name

Once you're a bit more familiar with some of the things you should do or be aware of, you can go to another website calledBustaname.com. These folks have some great tools for helping you find a good domain name especially if the name you want, is already in use.

Registering a Domain Name

It's probably easiest to do this when you register or sign up for your hosting plan. If you register your domain name while signing up for your hosting plan, you won't need to point your domain to your web hosting space at a later date, the name and hosting space will be setup for you with one fell swoop. Registering the domain name then signing up for hosting usually means you will need to tell the domain registrar where your site is hosted.. it's not a big deal, just an extra step.

Many users will register their domain name as soon as they find one they like, or just come up with the idea of building a website.. this way no one else can sneak in and register the domain name before you do.

If you just want to register your domain name, there are dozens of places online that you can do this. One of the biggest is Godaddy.com. Pricing will all be about the same no matter where you go.




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