Lessons.Ch12. getting online – publishing via Microsoft Expression Web 3-4




Publishing to FTP

  1. open your website in your web editor
  2. click on the Site menu
  3. click Publishing Settings…
  4. switch to the Publishing tab
  5. then click the Add button
  6. type a name for your site
  7. set the ‘Connection Type:’ to FTP
  8. under ‘Location’ type in the FTP address provided by your web host ( usually just the domain name )
  9. if your web host specified a ‘Root Directory’ to upload the site into, type the folder name into the ‘Directory’ field
  10. type in the FTP user name provided by your web host ( not to be confused with the control panel username, these areĀ  often different )
  11. and type in the password provided by your web host ( not to be confused with the control panel password, these areĀ  often different )
  12. click the ADD button when finished
  13. then the OK button
  14. you’ve now added an FTP location for your website
  15. you’ll just need to Publish the site to this location
  16. click on the Site menu once again, then click on “Publish all files to (Name of website) “
  17. Expression Web will run through the files in your local site and LIVE FTP server then start to upload the files
  18. once the site is published, you can upload individual pages by right clicking on them, and selecting ‘Publish Selected Files… to “


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