Lessons.Ch12. getting online – publishing via FTP




  • publish up to FTP server
  • manage website via FTP client
  • download website via FTP client

There are quite a few FTP clients available so we'll focus on one of the more popular FREE versions.. Filezilla.

Just so you know, we're not affiliated with Filezilla, it's just a great FREE open source FTP client.

Download filezilla from this link

Once Filezilla is downloaded, and installed.. Fire it up!

  1. Filezilla can be a bit cluttered with all the window panes..

  2. I like to set my window panes to the following

  3. now click on the File menu >> Site Manager

  4. click the 'New Site' button

  5. type a name for the site

  6. in the 'Host:' field, type in the FTP address provided by your web host, usually just the domain name will do

  7. change the 'Logon Type' to 'normal

  8. in the 'User' field, type in the FTP username provided by your web host ( not to be confused with the control panel username, these are often different )

  9. in the 'Password' field, type in the 'password' provided by your web host ( not to be confused with the control panel password, these are often different )

  10. click the 'Connect' button
  11. Filezilla will attempt to logon, and if successful, you'll see something similar to the following

  12. in the left side panels, these panels are for viewing your local files or your local website.. so let's start by locating our website, and opening it in the "Local site:" window
  13. in the 'Local site:' panel, scroll up to the top of the list and locate your Desktop and click on it to select it

  14. in the 'Filename' window, scroll through the list of folders on your desktop and locate your 'Template' folder

  15. and double click on the Template folder, then again under you find the 'website' folder inside

  16. now we know we're in the right place.. so just double click on the 'website' folder to view the files and folders within…

  17. OK, we've successfully opened our local website in the 'Local' panels.. now we just need to open the correct folder on the server to publish the files up to..
  18. if your web host DID NOT specify a 'Root Directory' or 'Root' folder to publish the website into, skip down to step 23.
  19. some web hosts will specificy which folder to publish the files into such as
    • httpdocs
    • public_html
    • www
  20. some web hosts will set this up for you when you create your hosting account
  21. if your web host specified a folder to publish the site into.. you'll see that folder in the the 'right' side 'Filename' panel.. in this example, the web host has specified the 'httpdocs' folder as the 'root'

  22. we would just double click on the 'httpdocs' folder to open it on the FTP server

  23. now just select all the pages in the 'left' side 'Filename' panel ( you can place your cursor into the left side panel, then press Ctrl+A to select All pages and folders

  24. right click on the selected folders and pages, and click on 'Upload'



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