Lessons.Ch12. getting online – publishing via FrontPage 2003 Sharepoint Designer 2007 Expression Web 1 and 2




Publishing to FTP

  1. open your website in your web editor
  2. click on the File menu
  3. click Publish Site…

  4. select the 'Remote Web Site' tab, if it's not selected by default
  5. click the 'FTP' option

  6. type in the FTP address and the FTP directory ( this information is provided by your web host, usually through the confirmation email when you signed up )

  7. click the OK button, then enter the FTP username and password ( also provided by your web host )

  8. once you've successfully entered the FTP username and password, you'll open the 'Publishing panel'

  9. you may see and index.htm or index.html page on the server already.. this is the default 'under construction' landing page provided by your web host
  10. if you see an index.htm or index.html page, in the right side window, right click on the page and select 'Delete' to remove it from your FTP server

  11. now click on the 'Publish Web site' and make sure to leave the default setting of 'Local to remote'

  12. you'll be able to follow the progress by watching the 'Status' area



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