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  • publishing with Dreamweaver

Before we get started, publishing with DW can be a very convenient time saver over publishing via an FTP client.. but there’s one thing that so many people tend to get hung up on.. and that’s the root folder of their website. I’ve seen so many people publish their websites to the wrong location on their FTP server, simply because the ‘Root’ folder was not entered into the ‘Root Directory’ field. It’s one of these things that is over looked or skimmed over in the setup email, or instructions from your web host, as it’s not really important until you actually publish your site. Then it’s critical that you enter the correct Root Directory ( or folder ) name, or your website will be published to your server, but your server won’t know how to display the site as it’s in the wrong place.

When publishing with Dreamweaver YOU MUST know the following information

  1. the FTP address to publish the website files to
  2. which folder on your FTP server to publish the files into ** ( this is sometimes setup by the host, and you won’t need to specify a folder name )
  3. the username
  4. the password

All of this information is provided by your web host, usually by email when you first sign up, and it can also be found in your web hosting control panel.

Most folks have no troubles with the FTP address, its usually just the domain or an FTP domain as in:

  • i3dthemes.com
  • ftp.i3dthemes.com
  • ftp://i3dthemes.com
  • ftp://ftp.i3dthemes.com

You often need to specify what folder in your FTP server, you will be publishing your website into.. this information is also provided by your web host.

To publish your website you’ll need to complete 2 steps.. you’ll first addyour FTP server information into Dreamweaver, then you’ll connect to the server and PUT or SYNC your files

Step 1: adding your server information

  1. open your website in DW
  2. click on the ‘Connect to Remote Host‘ icon
  3. then press the [ + ] to add a new publish destination
  4. you’ll open the Site Setup window
  5. enter a server name, this name is something for you to recognize which server you are publishing the site to, as you can publish your site to more than 1 location (ie, a ‘testing’ location, and the ‘Live’ location )
  6. then fill in the:* FTP Address:
    * Username:
    * Password: ( and check Save )
    * Root Directory
    * Web URL

  7. click on the ‘Test’ button to test the connection
  8. press Save if the connection is working, then the Save button again in the next Window.

Step 2: connecting and uploading

You can now use the different tools provided in Dreamweaver, to upload the files to your server.

  1. connect to your FTP server by clicking on the ‘Connect to remote host’ icon
  2. the remote connection box will pop up
  3. when the connection is complete, the ‘Connect to remote host’ icon will show the connected state ( like an extension cord with a green dot )
  4. to publish your website you can use the PUT files command,the PUT command will put selected files up to the server..
  5. you WILL need to put ALL the folders and files (pages) up to the server, the folders are critical to how the pages look and function.
  6. you can select then PUT all the pages and folders up to your server by clicking on the ‘Root’ of the website in the ‘Local Files’ panel
  7. then go the the Edit menu and click the select All command
  8. then press the PUT icon to start uploading the site
  9. you’ll probably see this message the first time you PUT a file or files, just check the ‘Don’t show me …’ box, then click if you don’t want this message.. I leave the message turned on, as I don’t always want to publish dependant files it takes too long to upload and you don’t always need to.. acutally, once your site is built, you’ll rarely want to publish the dependand files.
  10. once you click Yes or No, DW will display the Background File Activity box to show you the progress
  11. the other publishing option is the SYNC command.. many people like this as it has more options.. and you won’t need to manually select all the files and folders, you can tell DW to do this for you using the SYNC command.
  12. once you click the SYNC icon, you’ll be able to enter or select some details of how you want the site to be published
  13. you might want to change the ‘selected Local Files Only’ to ‘Entire .. Site’ under the Syncronize drop menu
  14. when publishing, leave the Direction to ‘Put newer files to remote’
  15. press the Preview button to start the SYNC
  16. DW will run through the remote site to see what pages and files are on the server
  17. before you press the ok button to start the SYNC process or publishing process, you’ll have an opportunity to add or remove files from the list.. just leave everything as it is, and press ok to upload everything.. you see that 339 files will be updated.. this is the total number of files in the website, so everything will be published…

Once the site has been published for the first time, you can use the SYNC or PUT commands to update the LIVE site.. check the DW Help resources for more information on Publishing.


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