Lessons.Ch12. getting online – overview




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  • Lessons.Ch12. getting online – overview
  • Lessons.Ch12. getting online – registering your domain name
  • Lessons.Ch12. getting online – finding good web hosting
  • Lessons.Ch12. getting online – publishing via FTP
  • Lessons.Ch12. getting online – publishing via Dreamweaver
  • Lessons.Ch12. getting online – publishing via Microsoft

Lessons.Ch12. getting online – overview

Although this is one of the last chapters it's definitely one worth a close look. There are many ways in which you can publish your website, and both web editors include some sort of publishing 'function'. Although I like both web editors equally, when it comes to publishing I prefer to use an FTP client. An FTP client is a file manager in essence, and works much the same as any file management program. Being able to view the files and folders on your FTP server and compare them to the files and folder in your web folder can save you a ton of headaches in the long run. When it comes to member support and 'publishing issues' I would say 90% of the issues arise from uploading the 'website template' to the incorrect location on your FTP server and much of this comes from incorrectly establishing the FTP settings in Dreamweaver when the site is initially set up. FTP settings are provided by your web host, they are not established by the web template.

One very important piece of advice when publishing your website. If your website works as it should when you preview a web page from your 'unpublished' web template, it should work exactly the same on when published to your web server. If the published site does not look the same, most likely the files did not upload to the correct location on your web server or they did not upload at all.



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