Lessons.Ch11. CSS text in Microsoft – the 6 common text styles




  • H1 seo "Page title goes here"
  • H2 seo "Page description…"
  • H3 content headings
  • H4 paragraph headers
  • paragraph tags
  • hyperlink tags
  1. You can apply these 'CSS Styles' to the text in your page quickly by first selecting the text with your mouse

  2. using the CSS Formatting menu, select one of the following formats:
    • Heading 3 <h3>
    • Heading 4 <h4>
    • Heading 5 <h5>
    • Heading 6 <h6>
    • Paragraph <p>
  3. when using a heading for your paragraph or any info in the page, you may want to use the "Heading 3 <h3> or Heading 4 <h4>" options for the best result

  4. click on the Formatting menu to view the options, and click on a format

  5. you'll see your text styled in a new format


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