G9.Ch8: Portfolio – replace an image in Dreamweaver


  1. check the default image size and size your replacement images accordingly, for lessons on sizing images, review theWorking with Images lessons.
  2. import your replacement images into the Site / themed images folder

    **note** the biggest troubleshooting issue with image replacement is naming your image file.. use all 'lower' case letters, letters and numbers only, connect multiple words in the file name with a hyphen ( – ) or and underscore ( _ ) as in image_137.jpg NOT Image 137.JPG and make try to use lower case file extensions for the .jpg if you can.

  3. click on the + next to the Site folder to expand and view it's contents
  4. click on the + next to the flash folder to expand and view it's contents
  5. click on the + next to the config folder to expand and view it's contents
  6. double click on the portfolio.xml  page to open in the editing window

  7. to replace an existing image, just locate the image 'path' in the <image> tag ( a 'path' is the proper term used to describe an images 'hyperlink' )

  8. expand the Site / themed_images folder
  9. find your replacement image

  10. click on the image 'twice' … 'slowly' to enable the 'edit' function

  11. now, select the 'entire' file name

  12. right click on the select file name, and select 'Copy', or press ( CTRL+C ) on you keyboard

  13. now go back to the 'portfolio.xml' page, select the existing file name, then press ( CTRL+V ) to 'paste' the replacement images file name, or just select the default image then click on the (Edit) menu, and select 'Paste'

  14. you should see the new images file name in the <image> path now

  15. we recommend that you import your replacement images into the ( Site / themed_images ) folder.. that way you don't need to alter the path too much when replacing the file name.. the 'path' is the hyperlink to your image.. if you do use a different folder to save your images into, make sure to alter the 'path' ( Site/themed_images )

    ** we highly recommend to our new DW users that you do place your replacement or new images into the (Site / themed_images ) folder only, this will require the least amount of updates.. but if you feel comfortable, experiment away!


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