G9.Ch8: Portfolio – add images in Microsoft


  1. check the default image size and size your replacement images accordingly
  2. import your replacement images into the
    Site / themed images folder

    **note** the biggest troubleshooting issue with image replacement is naming your image file.. use all 'lower' case letters, letters and numbers only, connect multiple words in the file name with a hyphen ( – ) or and underscore ( _ ) as in image_137.jpg NOT Image 137.JPG and make try to use lower case file extensions for the .jpg if you can.

  3. click on the + next to the Site folder to expand and view it's contents
  4. click on the + next to the flash folder to expand and view it's contents
  5. click on the + next to the config folder to expand and view it's contents
  6. double click on the portfolio.xml  page to open in the editing window

  7. select an existing block of image code everything from <pic> to </pic>

  8. press CTRL+C to copy

  9. determine where you want your new image to appear ( in which order )

  10. place your mouse at the end of the preceding images </pic> tag and
    press enter on your keyboard to create some space

  11. press CTRL+V to paste the copied code

  12. tidy up the spacing if it's out of alignment ( I know, fussy but it's easier to read organized lines of code ) ..  compare to the other blocks of code if that helps
  13. change the information in the following tags:
    • <image>Site/themed_images/portfolio-large-1.jpg</image>
    • <link>index.htm</link>
    • <title>First Topic</title>
    • <shortDescription>Short description goes here</shortDescription>
    • <description>Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text.</description>


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