G9.Ch6: Zoom Menu – add an icon in Dreamweaver


Please Note: “Include-files” referenced in this tutorial will now be found within the Library/dreamweaver/menus/ folder.


*** import your new icon into your websites ( Site / themed_images ) folder

*** the new image should measure (128 pixels wide by 128 pixels tall )


  1. click on the + next to the Library folder to expand and view it's contents
  2. click on the + next to the dreamweaver to expand and view it's pages
  3. double click on the zoom_menu.lbi page to open the page in the editing (design) panel
  4. switch to Code view
  5. scroll to the bottom of the page

  6. locate the icons in code view
  7. place your cursor to the left of an existing line of icon code and click to select the code

  8. with the entire line of code selected, press CTRL+C on your keyboard to copy, or right click and click the Copy command

  9. place your cursor to the very left of the icon that will be to the right of the new icon ( sound confusing, try experimenting then to see where the icon ends up )

  10. press Enter on your keyboard to add a space

  11. click to place your cursor into the blank line or space

  12. then press CTRL+V to paste the copied code ( or Edit menu.. Paste )

  13. change the (title) (href link) (img src) (alt) information in the copied/pasted code


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