G9.Ch4: Top-Side Menus -rename a menu button in Microsoft


Please Note: “Include-files” referenced in this tutorial will now be found within the Library/expression-fp/menus/ folder.


  1. click on the + next to the Library folder to expand and view it's contents
  2. click on the + next to the expression-fp to expand and view it's pages
  3. double click on the ( menu_top.htm or menu_side.htm )  pages to open the page in the editing (design) window
  4. switch to Design mode

  5. select the ( Button Name ) text that you'll be changing, with your mouse

  6. right click on the selected Button name text then click on 'Hyperlink Properties…'

  7. in the 'Text to display:' text field, type in a new name

  8. click OK to save

  9. your 'menu_top.htm or menu_side.htm' Library page will now display the new button name


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