G9.Ch2: Working with Pages – adding pages in Dreamweaver


  1. preview the different layouts and determine the best layout for your new page

    *** to preview a layout and see what it looks like in the web browser, double click on the page in your Local Files panel toopen it, then click on the 'Preview' icon ( or click on the File menu and select 'Preview in Browser' )

  2. you'll be duplicating one of these pages in the following steps, to create a new page, you just duplicate an existing page and change the name
  3. double click on the ($.. ) layout you would like to duplicate to open in the Design window

  4. click on the File Menu…thenclick on Save As

  5. in the File Name: field, type in a name for your new page
    ** when naming pages.. use all lower case, letters and number only (NO Punctuation!) … connect words with an underscore ( _ ) or hyphen ( – ) so there is no space between the words in the page name
    ** good example: ( my_new_page1.htm or my-new-page1.htm )
    ** bad example: ( My New Page1.htm )

  6. if you do not type in the 'file extensions' such as .htm or .html, Dreamweaver will automatically assign the file extension… for consistency, type in the .htm file extension

  7. click on the Save button
  8. your new page will be be open in the design window, ready for editing
  9. and added to the Local Files panel


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